Get Some Kick-ass Skin this Monsoon!!


It’s the bad that comes with the good, like in every melodramatic Indian movie, there’s always a villain looking to screw up the relationship. Monsoons bring rains, happiness, and humidity that make dirt pile up on your skin, add sweat all over and you become a perfect breeding ground for the stinky bacteria. But don’t get depressed already Paaru! There are a few things that you could do to fight these off and have a happy climax.

Cleanse your face twice every day, thrice would be good but more than that would be an overkill and could make your skin sensitive. Use a mild soap like Pulp’s Butters and Butterflies or Naarialistic, anything that isn’t filled up with junk chemicals. Especially in the evening when all the bad stuff from the world is resting on your face, you better make sure what you use to clean it up is good for you, and the earth. Oh, a toner before you fall asleep talking to your boyfriend would be great too!


Let’s face it, most people, even you, yes you!, would think your skin doesn’t need to be hydrated because there’s water everywhere already! In the air, on the roads, literally, everywhere. Nope! Your skin literally is crying for moisturizer while you smell the aroma of fresh rain. Pulp’s Chocococo would deliver just the right punch of hydration and even exfoliating the dead skin in the process.


How many times do you scrub? If your answer is none, well, good luck with all the dead skin that’s been piling up. It is super important in any season that you mow your dead skin cells off your body but when it comes to the rainy season, it gets even worse with all the dirt that joins the dead skin and haven’t we talked about the bacterial breeding grounds already? I’m sure you’d want your best skin forward before you ask your darling to go dancing. In other words, If you ain't scrubbing, you ain't got no clubbing!!


You know what they say about finding the right one to love? Choose the one who’ll love you as much as with makeup as without makeup.

Seriously though, there’s as much humidity in the air as much as there is our love for new makeup line. Humidity loves clogging up your pores! What happens next? Oil buildup, bacterial growth, and breakouts! If there’s anything women hate more than being stared at by a creep, it’s realizing that tiny acne popping up in the morning and that’s probably not the start that you’d wanna have on a day when you’ve to call a meeting!

So for the love of your colleagues and your boyfriend, please tone down that makeup a little. Let your skin breathe!


Before you go out and enjoy the overcast skies and cool breezes, remember, the clouds do not block the harmful UV rays that harm your skin. Continue using your sunscreens as you would normally...


Monsoon might seem gentle and there might be harmonies being played all around but it’s especially nasty for those with oily skin. As if the humidity from the air wasn’t enough, the bacteria find it extra comfortable to rest on an oily skin because of all those extra active sebaceous glands. I know it’s really tough but instead of blaming your mom for bad genes, you could do something better to get rid of the problem.

Use face masks that’ll help extract not just the excess oil but also the dirt and dead skin from your skin making it clean and fresh again. Wink* Wink* Lots of Love.


You might feel a little less thirsty during the rainy season but don’t let the scenic weather fool you. Your body needs a lot of water and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy and hydrated. Nothing beats natural stuff, both to your skin and body.




  • Jun 19, 2018
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