Seriously, why scrub?

Hey Sweet Peaches! I’m feeling so mushy mushy today so I might as well say it. Girl, you are a work of art. I mean seriously, look at those killer legs or that curvy bum. Are you kidding me? And don’t even get me started on those eyes. All the poor bastards who got lost in them are still looking for a way out. Or maybe not!

*Sigh* God help them….

And then there’s you, staring at the TV screen in awe of the models and actresses, wondering what you lack. Tell you what, you’re batshit crazy. But I’ll also tell you that you might be doing something wrong. Skincare doesn’t just mean washing your face regularly or putting on that expensive moisturizer. It requires something more. Something that the chick from that movie does regularly and so can you. Go ahead, guess.

And…. right answer!!

Scrubs, Packs, Sunscreen, Toners, Serums, Creams…..what not? I mean come on, looking like that ain’t easy. But you’d be sorely mistaken if you think treating your skin that way is optional. It is, if you choose to look all flaky and hideous like the over-burnt steak at your uncle’s barbecue. We both know you’re a Diva underneath that pile of dead skin cells. It’s time to show yourself to the world. And to that guy you had a crush on. Yep, I know everything. "Wink"


You heard it from a YouTube channel that exexex cream is the best, then why isn’t it working? I’ll tell you why - simply put, dead skin cells block your skin pores, stopping any cream from entering your skin much less nourish it. Get rid of those douche bags with my babies, ‘Dirty Chai’ or ‘Mint-o-Coffee’. The awesomeness of these scrubs is that they are both gentle and rough in the required quantities. The right combination for a smoother and glowing skin.


Dry and flaky skin is a sign that you need to exfoliate. Regular and thorough scrubbing not only removes the dead flakes but also stimulates the much-needed blood circulation to achieve that pregnancy glow you always wanted. Not to mention, I remember him saying he loves to caress your cheeks. Ahem Ahem!


And now I’ll be sharing with you the recipe for a perfect pimple. A dash of oil, a pinch of dirt and enough bacteria to clog the skin pores. And there you have it! All eyes on you at the Prom night. Déjà vu, anyone? So, if you’re not exactly jumping up and down to be Miss Pimply Pimpleson, I suggest scrubbing - especially with ‘Dance Flour’. It is a perfect package - splits your skin up with the dead cells and hooks it up with nutrients. Multi-talented! You know you like that. 

So go ahead and like the kind of girl you are, try new things! And remember to be real. Don’t expect miracles on Day 2. It’s a gradual process. Take it slow and who knows? Maybe you’ll love it more than you thought you would. Let me know how you like it. Very curious myself.

And tell him I said hi…. *Wink* XOXO.