“Pulp X Shruti represents who I am - what I love and what I believe in. Not giving an F about what anyone thinks about you or your skin.” - Shruti Haasan⚡

Shruti Hassan skincare

why we're doing it

We at Pulp have always wanted to work with an artist to collaborate and celebrate the spirit of authenticity and the skin you are in.

Shruti in her own ways has defied expectations from the start! From being a style icon to a rockstar and a feminist, she has always been an inspiration to people who found themselves too different to fit in with the others in the eyes of society and this line is an embodiment of that fearlessness.

the style

We have collaborated with Shruti to bring in her signature underground gothic vibe. This line is all-inclusive both in terms of skincare and the progressive thought and celebration of true unique identities!

skincare essentials

The PXS line has been launched with five products: three serums, one toner, and a facial mist - all consisting of the superstar ingredient called ‘Vitamin F’. We’re super excited to promote the whole line through the tagline ‘What do you give an F about?’.  And we matched with someone who absolutely impersonates that attitude, Shruti Haasan.

Together, we want to build a skincare line that gives an F about not just skincare but also the notion that your well-being matters more than anything and everyone!