Where is PULP cosmetics from?

Pulp is from the land of Yoga and Ayurveda, India.

Are all the ingredients used in your products natural?

Pulp is totally vegetarian and derived from natural ingredients. Pulp only wants the absolute best for you and swears that it does not contain and will never contain any petroleum-based chemicals such as mineral oil or paraffin.

Does PULP test on animals?

Is this one of those trick questions? Because the answer is NO! Nahi! Non! Nein! 

How can I contact you?

Straight to the point ;) we like it. Email us at

What countries do you ship to?

Worldwide baby!

What do your products do exactly?

Pulp's sole purpose is to enhance your natural beauty, so you can be your radiant-self all day everyday. Our perfect blend of natural ingredients not only works to protect and treat your precious skin but also assists in targeting dry areas, stretch marks, cellulite, psoriasis, and problematic skin.

Can I use your scrubs on my face?

Sure, if you promise that you will massage gently. Keep away from those alluring eyes though and make sure you fight the urge to consume those fine granules no matter how delicious they might smell.

Can your products cause any allergic reaction when used?

If you do not have allergies to any natural products, then you are totally fine. Pulp contains legumes and nuts. If you are unsure of your allergies and if your Doc is hot, visit and chat on using Pulp. Your safety is of utmost concern to us. Seek medical assistance immediately though if you suffer from any allergic reaction.

Where do I store your products?

Pulp makes you hot but you keep it cool. Face masks go in fridge, and all others in dry and cool places. Once opened, shelf life is approximately 3-6 months.

Can I use your product if I have sensitive skin?

Naturally derived ingredients = Safe for sensitive skin. Anyways, do a patch test first, just to be on safer side.

How long before I see results?

Pulp is formulated to enhance the basic well-being of your skin. Just like good food keeps you healthy as long as you eat it, pulp keeps your skin healthy as long as you use it. Although everyone takes their own time in loving pulp, pulp loves you instantly and you'll start noticing smoother, silkier skin right from the first use. Regular use will ensure a beautiful and healthier skin. 

Aah! Pulp is not meant to be used as a treatment or an alternative to any medication.  

Is it normal to get breakouts after using scrubs? 
 If you're new to exfoliating, yes. It is normal for the skin to breakout initially for the first few uses depending on the extent of clogged pores on the skin but mostly stops within 2 weeks. After the blockages are out to the surface, you'll have a smoother, clearer, and a healthier skin on consistent use. If the breakouts don't subside, try reducing the pressure of application and the frequency of use. If they still continue, we recommend you to stop using the product. 

Does daily use of scrubs make my skin dry? 
Yes, unless you moisturize your skin enough. It is recommended to use the scrubs twice or thrice a week.