Introducing the Self-Care Starter Pack!

We’re on a mission to make self-care the easiest thing to do! 

Whether it’s winding down after a long day or tiny moments of “Me-Time”, we’d love to create experiences that help you take care of yourself. 

Because It’s You.Skin.Everyone.

In That Order.

What's Inside?

This BNDL of our delicious-smelling Coffee Love Scrub and Date Night Prep Mask is a sensory experience that will bring you back to the present. The now! 

These skincare essentials will not only help your skin but also help you feel better while you’re using them. 

😍 The self-care starter pack comes with cute reminders that you can stick across your space

💌 A thought-provoking postcard that you can use to write a letter to yourself or send to a loved one with a note from Tuheena Raj 

🍀Discounted voucher to consult with mental health experts from The Emotional Wellness Institute

🔥Discounted voucher to indulge in sexual wellness from Sangya Project

  • Coffee-Love Scrub

    With the goodness of crushed coffee, cocoa beans and lots of love, this scrub gently exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells, and deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin - leaving you feeling fresh and smelling great!

  • Date Night Prep Mask

    A non-drying face mask that can be used to hydrate, reduce inflammation and irritation, or gently prep your skin for that luminous glow. It’s got Kombucha, Rose, & Salicylic Acid!

This valentine’s day, no tricks only treats from us

Virtual Hangout Sesh!

Grab your favourite drink to meet new folks & have some fun conversations🥳

When: 6-7pm, 11 February, 2023

Where: Zoom

Date Night Idea

One cozy corner, one fuzzy blanket, a box of pizza and our self-care starter pack to begin with 💖