• Festive Edition Box
  • Festive Edition Box
  • Festive Edition Box
  • Festive Edition Box
  • Festive Edition Box
  • Festive Edition Box

Festive Edition Box

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It’s that time of the year when nothing is subtle. 

Playing host, attending Christmas dinners, friend’s weddings, birthdays, end-of-the-year office parties, lazy Sunday brunches, and a holiday to bring in the new year. 

If the rest of your year looks like this then we have something for you and your Extraaa life this festive season!

What's inside? 

1 Cleanser, 1 Cleansing Balm, 2 Serums, & 2 Masks. 

Basically everything you need to prep and detox your skin. 

Don't miss the ultimate party starter card game! 

  • Natural Extracts
  • Cruelty Free
  • Recyclable Packaging
Skin Type Compatibility





Suitable for all skin types
🤔 How to get Ready - Takes 5 minutes

All you need to hit refresh and prep your skin before the festivities. Keep your skin healthy and glowing. With or without makeup! 

What’s Inside: 

Step 1: Off-Duty Cleanser - Goodness of Aloe Vera, Azelaic Acid & Alpha Arbutin that keeps pores clean & hydrates your skin. You’ll need a pea-sized amount to wash your face. 

Step 2: Date Night Prep Mask - Salicylic Acid & Ceramides to calm your skin and Kombucha & Rose to brighten it up. Apply a thick layer and keep it on for 5-7 minutes. 

Step 3: Date Night Glow Serum - The ultimate hydrator with Hyaluronic Acid for that glow! Dab 2-3 drops on your skin. 

Follow up with makeup and accessorise! Cause you and us, are all about the Extraa.

🤔 How to get UnReady - Takes 5 minutes

The detox your skin needs after a night of indulging in delicacies, drinks, and gossip. 

(We’re not sure about the gossip!)

What’s Inside:

Step 1: Off-Duty Cleansing Balm - Removes stubborn makeup, dirt, oil, and sunscreen, effortlessly. Scoop a tiny amount on your fingertip and massage the balm on your skin. Wash up with warm water. 

Step 2: Day After Binge Mask - Vitamin C infused with superfoods like turmeric and spinach that enable an instant detox for your skin. Soothes angry skin, reduces acne scars and repairs the damage you’ve done this holiday season. 

Step 3: Day After Binge Serum - It’s like sleep packed in a bottle for your skin. With late nights and early mornings, this Vitamin C serum becomes a must-use. Seal it with moisturiser / SPF if needed. 

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